Every communication is a relationship

Our global media company was founded in Italy in 2017 with the mission to build a community of fans and social influencers of the next generation.
Change is an opportunity and it’s always a good start point for improvements.
We inspire, everyday, the most influential community of users from all over the world.
We are the change and we bring people with a positive vision and a free access to information. 

We create.
We read.
We change the world.
This is our impact.

We are revolutionizing a way to remain always connected, entertaining the world and being part of the change. We are everywhere.

Our media outlets speak different languages, we want to spread the voice beyond the limits. We break all the world’s barriers, designing creative solutions to innovate society and pushing across every boundary. 

Every communication is a relationship. Users are our voice and our eyes.

Technologies give shape to everything we do. We create platforms, magazines and projects for advertisers, brands and publishing partners.

We put ideas into action by generating intelligent and human-centric experiences, we challenge ourselves and get involved to understand what our users are interested in, what they want to read and share to add something extraordinary to their life.

Contents.media community is the people’s voice that decides to take part and compete in a global community. Our public iis the focus of our interest.